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MOSAIC Contemporary Worship (Sundays - 8:45-9:45 - Sanctuary)
Tuesdays - 7:00pm - 8:30pm - (Sanctuary)
SATB Vocals and intrumentalists
Not required
email Ted Munn, or call (904) 389-1175
Is MOSAIC for you? Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover, a vocalist or an instrumentalist, or have much or little time available to offer, we would love to find a place for you to serve with our Praise Team! We look forward to welcoming you to the MOSAIC family! Our hope and prayer is that this will be a "home" for you within our church to serve, make great new friends, and grow spiritually, musically and as worship leaders! Come and see how it is indeed "good to praise the Lord, and make music to Your Name, O Most High." - Psalm 92:1
MOSAIC Praise Team is an exciting opportunity at Avondale for those with hearts for singing and worship! We rehearse at 7:00pm each Tuesday in the Sanctuary, and meet at 8:00 am to warm-up for the 8:45 Service on Sundays. The atmosphere is fun and the music is simple and worshipful, and members do not need to read or memorize music. We have positions for both vocalists and instrumentalists (keyboards, guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums).

If you are interested in participating, please email Ted Munn and we'll make sure you get connected! This is a wonderful way to serve at Avondale!
Jacksonville, Florida