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I came to Avondale about 11 years ago (pregnant with my son) in the hope to find a church. I KNEW that I wanted my son to grow up with a church family like I did.

Growing up in a little town in upstate NY where no one was a stranger and doing things for others was just a way of life. Growing up with potluck dinners, Easter Sunrise services at the lake, Vacation Bible School, being in the church choir (when your mom is the organist and choir director, you do that!), growing together, holding each other in the storms of life, having a network of people that God put in your life to help you. Yes, it was Mayberry meets Norman Rockwell and I’m so very thankful I grew up that way.

Flash to the present.

What I was given in my childhood I want for the children put in my path, unconditional LOVE. It was a gift to me and must be passed on, and on. EasterEgg hunts, Vacation Bible School, children’s musicals and to teach them “What Would Jesus Do”. And most of all, that they are Kings and Queens. My life has brought me here to teach kids about God and I’m amazed at how much they have taught me. Who knew? Not me! But, God did. I started in the nursery to learn to be a wonderful mom (trial by fire - lol) and here I am loving it!

God must laugh at me everyday. And I laugh with him!
Jacksonville, Florida